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Yoga Retreats in France

We produce luxury yoga retreats in France at our mountain sanctuary in the Alps.

Yoga Retreats in France at The Wellbeing Chalet   Yoga Retreats in France at The Wellbeing Chalet   massage-1

 Yoga retreats in France are world famous for remaining loyal to the holistic teachings of yoga. France is birthplace of bohemianism, the fountainhead of truth, beauty, freedom and love. Our yoga retreats in France offer a heady mix of mountain wilderness, holistic massage, a Vegan Detox menu, mountain sport and heart-nourishing yoga and meditation. We give you fitness without sacrificing soul.

Our winter and summer yoga retreats in France are timed to coincide with the full moon. It is an awe-inspiring universe we live in and the full moon is a symbol of that wonder. Celebrate wilderness and adventure with us on one of our luxury yoga retreats below.

Summer Hiking and Yoga Retreats

Yoga Retreats in France at The Wellbeing Chalet   Yoga Retreats in France at The Wellbeing Chalet   Yoga Retreats in France at The Wellbeing Chalet

The French Alps are renowned for their summer wildflowers. You’ll get to know many precious species on one of our hiking and yoga retreats. Strengthen your body and free your mind with us this summer.

We have one hiking and yoga retreat in France in 2017 for you:

5-12 August 2017 ~ Full Moon Hike Yoga Retreat

Winter Skiing and Yoga Retreats

Yoga Retreats in France at The Wellbeing Chalet   Yoga Retreats in France at The Wellbeing Chalet   Yoga Retreats in France at The Wellbeing Chalet

Yoga and skiing or snowboarding are increasingly paired together for their complimentary effects on body and mind. Our skiing and yoga retreats combine yoga and meditation with skiing and snowboarding, in the charming resort of La Rosière.

We’ll have two skiing and yoga retreats in France in 2018 for you to choose from:

Live Piano Ski Yoga Retreat 2018 ~ Dates TBC

Deep House Yoga and Skiing Retreat 2018 ~ Dates TBC

We hope you will join us on one of these magical mountain experiences.

Take a look at our upcoming yoga retreats in France below to learn more.

Retreat Testimonials

It isn't always the case, despite a lovely experience, that one thinks about going back to a place. There are after all so many wonderful places to visit. Chalet Rosière however is an exception. I would be very happy to repeat every single aspect of my experience there. Enough said!
Francesca Zammit CutajarRetreat Participant
It is difficult to put into words how amazing the retreat was – everything was just perfect. The yoga was amazing (with amazing teacher, piano music, log fire, heated floors and beautiful room), the treatment included was excellent, the rooms are beautiful, food sublime, a magical cacao mediation and a rather nice hot tub! There was such a high level of care, attention, love and helpfulness from every person – nothing was too much trouble – and I even had lovely companions to accompany me skiing and show me the best slopes. Thank you for a very special time x
Lesley StephensonRetreat Participant
Our hosts looked after us extremely well, always ready to help. For experienced skiers, Phillip made a fantastic guide - he knows the mountains (and all important pit stops) like the back of his hand. Our chef cooked us delicious vegetarian meals, a different treat each day. The yoga was well taught and easy to follow, and what better place to practice it in - by an open fire overlooking the mountains.
Rupert NewmanRetreat Participant
Everyday a new delight, a softness, a kindness, a bright blue sky and a group of sparkling eyes. Thank you so much for a wonderful snowga retreat. Life feels recalibrated and more whole for it. A better way to live for sure. Delicious vegetarian food, comfortable beds and great company.
Miranda DavisRetreat Participant
With bright sunshine with us all day to light up our way on the slopes, to return to a bubbling hot tub to ease those tired muscles, and perfect Moon salutations to end the day… I couldn’t imagine a more perfect day actually.... Thank you for giving us a whole week of pure heaven.
Emma RyderRetreat Participant
Yoga, hot tub and massage were the perfect combination to relax and recover on a daily basis during my first week of skiing! It wouldn’t have been the same without the friendly thoughtful team. Team is the wrong word, they are more of a temporary mountain family.
Liz HydeRetreat Participant
An experience that will not be forgotten, the Full Moon Ski Yoga Retreat has provided me with memories and friends I will cherish and a renewed sense of optimism and inspiration for the coming years.
Eva Louise MillerRetreat Participant
Absolute Magic! What a great idea, and very well executed. The teacher Kelly was brilliant, clearly a lot of thought went into picking the right instructor. The sessions were well timed and the full moon ceremony was great! Really wonderful.
Angelica Sykes ~ Pro SnowboarderRetreat Participant
Celebrate the Moon When All Things Ripen with us this August

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