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The History of Chalet Rosière

Adriana and Charles Volkers moved to the French Alps in 1991 in order to turn a ruined farmhouse into a legacy that would last generations. With magic on the horizon they relocated from Wiltshire with two young children, camping out to oversee the ruin’s transformation. The finest local craftsmen led the restoration. After many years of love, Chalet Rosière was born. This independent chalet in La Rosière is a stunning fusion of Savoyard craftsmanship and sustainable elegance thanks to their hard work and vision.


Husband and wife Philip and Alex Volkers took over Chalet Rosière. Philip and Alex, ex-fashion photographer and ex-model, left London for Chalet Rosière in 2015. Metropolitan life was crushing them. After recovering quickly thanks to Chalet Rosière’s magical setting, they realised it had to be shared. Discerning explorers kept heading to this independent chalet in La Rosière for bespoke ski holidays and mountain yoga experiences.


After putting five years of love and inspiration into Chalet Rosière Alex and Philip have moved on and entered the next chapter of their lives. However, they still keep a base in the valley in the chalet next door. They decided to part with Chalet Rosière and hand it over to us as new owners, seeing that we share their passion for the mountains and this extraordinary place. We are lucky to be able to build on their foundation.

We, that is Walter and Christine and our three grown children, are Austrian but have been living abroad for most of our lives. We spend our time between Salzburg, London and Barcelona and now Savoie. We are passionate about skiing, ski touring, cycling and mountains in general, so we are excited to taking Chalet Rosière forward and sharing it with like-minded guests.

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