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What Our Boutique Ski Accommodation is Bringing to the Mountain

Updated: Apr 15, 2020

By Alex Volkers.

Guests have often told us that we have the most stunning location in the Tarantaise valley, and I firmly agree with them. It’s just so idyllic. We’re situated on a south facing slope with 180-degree mountain views, and nothing but alpine meadows and forests to the south and west of the chalet. It’s really exciting to be so close to nature. We have deer and wild boar in our local forest, and eagles that circle in the valley.

We frequently see eagles circling from our balcony

Our unique ethos distinguishes us from other chalets in the region. We believe in building a business slowly, sustainably. We’re creating a sustainable sanctuary of eco-luxury, using permaculture, composting, carbon sequestration, conscious consumption and renewable energy. Chalet Rosière is different because it is more that just a ski chalet. It’s a place where people can come to connect with the mountain, to reconnect with themselves and their loved ones, and to have an incredible time while they’re doing it.

permaculture and organic gardening at our boutique ski accommodation

Another distinctive feature of Chalet Rosière is our obsessive passion for curious and authentic décor. We don’t own a series of chalets. There’s no corporate backing behind our boutique ski accommodation. So we’ve had the freedom to get really creative with our décor choices. We’ve combined sustainable materials with beloved antiques and travellers’ curiosities to create an Explorers’ Club in the Alps. Everything we do is situated in the chalet’s history, how it relates to our family and the local community, so Chalet Rosière has an authenticity and a sense of place that is often missing from more mainstream chalets.

boutique ski accommodation

We bring a healthy dose of the alternative to the mountain. To make the most of this beautiful space we’ve started producing full moon yoga retreats. In winter we combine yoga with skiing, and in summer we combine yoga with hiking. Highlights include cacao meditations in our tipi, night hikes, and nourishing treatments with our holistic therapy expert. We have a wide range of alternative therapy treatments for guests to choose from. In addition to the yoga retreats, we have also produced three bespoke ski packages for the winter season: The Secret Ski, Wellbeing Ski and Ski Safari experiences. As far as I know we’re the only chalet on the mountain offering such diverse options to guests. Each package has been put together with a huge amount of forethought and scrupulous attention to detail. They combine complete luxury with boutique individuality to create skiing holidays that bring something new and fresh to the luxury travel market.

Meditation Tipi

I hope to see you in the mountains soon.

Wild regards,

Alex Volkers

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