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January Full Moon Ski Yoga Retreat ~ Looking Back

Updated: Apr 15, 2020

As the moon begins to wane for the second time this year, we’re reflecting on the wonder that was our January Full Moon Ski Yoga Retreat at Chalet Rosière.

From the 23rd – 30th January our idyllic rural hideaway in the French Alps hosted a week of self-empowerment in wildly magic surroundings. Our carefully curated retreat was designed to nurture mind, body and soul with yoga, meditation and healing vegetarian cuisine, to ignite participants’ sense of curiosity and connect them with new friends and unexpected adventures, to help improve mountain skills like skiing, snowboarding and snowshoeing, and to provide a space to dream in at the commencement of the new and important year ahead.

We’re very honoured to be to be able to state that our ski yoga retreat achieved exactly what it was aiming for thanks to our beautiful Chalet, our INCREDIBLE yoga teacher Laura Thorne of Love Lemon Tree Yoga, our talented chef Iain Ross and the commitment and open hearts of our wonderful retreat participants.

Below three of the January Full Moon Ski Yoga Retreat participants tell us about their experience at Chalet Rosière.

Eva Louise Miller

An experience that will not be forgotten, the Full Moon Ski Yoga Retreat has provided me with memories and friends I will cherish and a renewed sense of optimism and inspiration for the coming years.

Thanks to the ingenious combination of skiing, daily yoga with the exceptionally talented Laura of Love Lemon Tree, exquisite vegetarian cuisine, complimentary therapies and a few surprises; I have never felt fitter, stronger and more balanced. Relaxing under the stars in the outdoor hot tub, with a glass of bubbly was an added bonus! The Full Moon Ski Yoga Retreat offers a perfect recipe to ensure the best possible start to the year.

Liz Hyde

Yoga, hot tub and massage were the perfect combination to relax and recover on a daily basis during my first week of skiing! It wouldn’t have been the same without the friendly thoughtful team. Team is the wrong word, they are more of a temporary mountain family. I was a little nervous before coming as I knew nobody on the trip but was soon put at ease when I met Philip at the airport and knew everybody was going to be lovely (and slowly discovered a number of mutual friends and connections!). I felt so at home.

Everybody was incredibly thoughtful and had an eye for detail – they did everything to help you relax and melt away. I loved the goodies next to the bed on arrival and Alex thinking of making me sparkling water and apple juice on the last night was the last sweet gesture of many. My fussy food needs and allergies, which send my mother crazy, were all cared for wonderfully.

I enjoyed myself immensely but I don’t know if retreat is quite the right word, given the adrenaline from skiing and luging – It was more a re-invigoration! The food was absolutely delicious and wonderfully healthy. I especially loved using yoga to wake up slowly every morning. The days were topped and tailed with simple hatha, incorporating a lovely selection of meditations.

Rebeka the masseuse has magic hands and I was especially impressed with her knowledge of Chinese medicine, which actually reduced my allergic rhinitis! The only thing you have to worry about all week is relaxing, with everything being done for you. I miss the warm cosy feeling post evening yoga!

Emma Ryder

The Yoga Ski combo worked brilliantly, I loved the yoga, I think even more than the snowboarding! The early morning starts were welcomed with the beautiful blue light of the snow shimmering in the mornings, with pink tipped mountain tops, purple skies with a full moon beaming, absolutely perfect to be welcomed into the library room, with warm heated floor and a crackling fire, to start our morning meditations, with gentle stretches to wakes us for the day ahead on the mountain! With bright sunshine with us all day to light up our way on the slopes, to return to a bubbling hot tub to ease those tired muscles, and perfect Moon salutations to end the day… I couldn’t imagine a more perfect day actually…. Thank you for giving us a whole week of pure heaven.

We’d like to say a massive thank you to Eva, Liz and Emma for these beautiful words and to all of our yogis and yoginis for taking part.

We were particularly impressed by symbiosis between yoga practice and both skiing and snowboarding. It seems that yoga and snow sports perfectly enhance and reinforce the effect that each discipline has on mind, body and soul… more on which to follow later.

We had such an amazing time producing this ski yoga retreat in the French Alps that we have decided to schedule an additional retreat to coincide with the March full moon. Look out for an announcement coming later this week.


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