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Kelly Brooks on Yoga + Snow Sports

Updated: Apr 15, 2020

We’re honoured to have incredible London based yoga teacher Kelly Brooks teaching our March Full Moon Ski Yoga Retreat ~ The Deep House Chronicles. Here Kelly explains why yoga and snow sports are a match made in heaven, and what to expect from the yoga sessions on our upcoming retreat.

How Yoga Can Enhance Snow Sports

Skiing and snowboarding are sports that are greatly enhanced when you prepare your body in advance. They place big demands on the body and if you are not a regular skier/snowboarding it can be hard to access the right muscles in advance. Morning yoga before taking part in snow sports gives you an advantage by awakening and warming up these deep, hard to reach muscles.

Doing morning yoga before heading to the lifts can realign any pre-existing imbalances in your body, thereby helping to prevent injures on the slopes. Knee injuries are common in skiers as most people have strong quadriceps and opposing tighter, weaker hamstrings. Amazingly both morning and evening yoga sessions can be used to counter-balance the intense pressure that knees are put under from constant downhill terrain while simultaneously correcting this common imbalance.

My instruction on the March Full Moon Ski Yoga Retreat will focus on these problem areas while achieving holistic fitness by opening up the entire body.

Yoga improves balance, strength and flexibility. What you will learn on the mat throughout the week ~ overcoming challenges and new experiences ~ this will help you beat any nervousness you may feel on the slopes. Skiing is a great adrenalin rush but yoga makes you more aware and conscious, developing increased proprioception, which is important if you are to perform safely the mountains. Yoga enhances snow sports, focusing on the breath to ease the body into position and calming the mind, enabling you to be present in each movement and mindful of each move.

What to Expect from the Chalet Rosière Full Moon Ski Yoga Retreat 19-26 March 2016

Whether you have never done yoga before or are a seasoned expert the Chalet Rosière Full Moon Ski Yoga Retreat sessions will be the perfect way to start each morning before a day on the slopes. The daily 75-minute morning classes will focus on poses that take tension out of the legs and build strength in the upper body and core to aid performance the on-piste.

This Full Moon Ski Yoga Retreat has been titled ‘The Deep House Chronicles’, as yoga classes will be set to chunky house playlists to keep you energised and upbeat. The week will start with taster sequences woven into the morning yoga sessions, building up to a full seamless flow finale taking place on the last day.

Yoga is about union and doing yoga to great music encourages us to come to our mats ego-free, allows us to have fun, to challenge ourselves and push past barriers, to connect with each other, finding friends on the mat and collectively breathing together.

In my yoga classes every session is different. I will encourage you to work with the limitations of your own body, using your time on the mat to really listen to what’s going on in your body to prevent injuries on the slopes.  The fun energising morning yoga practice will translate into better performance on the slopes. The level of concentration it requires to ski or snowboard is the same as that required when holding a yoga posture ~ nothing else can be in your mind, you are brought into the present moment. Alignment gained on the mat will help improve posture, movement and flow.

Evening yoga sessions will bring in a more relaxed vibe, as we move through the breath, cooling down the muscles and moving through winter warming visualisation meditations. This yoga retreat is designed to give you exactly what you need to leap forward into spring. Intelligent sequencing and daily intentions will send you into the natural beauty of the mountains ready to absorb every subtle moment, from the sun on your face to the cool fresh air, it will enable us to ground into ourselves.

Keep in touch with Kelly Brooks ~

You can read what participants thought of our January Full Moon Ski Yoga Retreat here.

Email to request a booking form.

We hope you can join us on this moonlit adventure.

Kind regards,

Alex + Philip Volkers


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